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The Florida Blue Crab was first discovered as an outstanding delicacy by the Seminole Indians. As Chief Eagle Feather exclaimed when tasting his very first blue crab, "Wow! That's some good eating!" We couldn't agree more.

There are blue crab festivals throughout the South and while we harbor no ill will towards our northern friends, we do believe Southern Blue Crabs taste just a wee bit better... particularly with our delicious Blue Crab Cookbook recipes!

Why, we have even had compliments from our Yankee relatives! Who knew?

We promise you these are legitimate, good tasting recipes. Unlike some hoity-toity, stuffy cookbooks, we do inject a little humor and illustrations along with each recipe. As long as we're cooking, we might as well have some fun!

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Blue Crab Festivals

May 8-9 Panacea, FL
May 15-16 Little River Blue Crab Festival
May 29-31 Palatka Blue Crab Festival
June 25-27 Bayou Lacombe Crab Festival
July 31 Blue Crab Musical Festival

If you know of a Blue Crab Festival and would like to have it listed, please email the information to us.

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