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It was one of those perfect summer nights where the full moon shone brightly on the picnic table filled with steamed blue crabs.† Sharon E. Buck and Jonnie Church Kalmbach, both Palatka, Florida natives, were sitting around chomping down on the delicious blue crabs when a brilliant idea struck.† Friends later said they thought it really was just a stray lightning bolt that hit really, really close to the picnic table temporarily blinding all.

Sharon and Jonnie‚Äôs version is they were talking and suddenly the blue crabs all jumped off the table.† They both swear the blue crabs started talking and making fun of all cooks everywhere.† Thus, was born their desire to publish a cookbook and get back at the crabs, showing them who are the bosses over all!

With divine inspiration, Jonnie created all of the illustrations.† Sharon wove the folksy humor and recipes together, thus striking fear in blue crabs everywhere.

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